Fat Burning Soup – Is It True Or Just Another Fat Burning Scam

Fat Burning Soup is it true or just another fat burning scam, well actually vegetable soup diets are very popular because they do not limit your portion size in any way.

The fat burning soup contains various different types of vegetables and these specially picked vegetables are what form this amazing soup, The reason it is called fat burning soup is because all of the vegetables that are used have a negative calorie figure which basically means that your body will use more energy to digest the vegetables, more calories than the vegetables actually contain thus meaning the fat burning soup will actually be working for you a while after you eat, leave you feeling good about yourself and full allot of people think that going on a diet means you need to be hungry, well this is just not the case, it definitely takes alot of pain out of the diet if you are not dieting and starving.

So you are dying to get started with you new fat burning soup diet what special ingredient do I need, well actually none, just every day produce, All of the vegetables below have negative calorie value which again means that your body uses more energy to digest them than the calorie value they contain.

Fat Burning Soup Recipe

Business breakfast Ingredients for fat burning soup: 3 tomatoes, 2 green bell peppers,1 small head of cabbage, 6 medium size onions, 1 beam of celery, fresh herbs, a little dash of salt and pepper if you wish for extra taste.

Prepare the vegetables and cut them into small segments and put them into a pot ready to boil.

Fill your pan with water making sure to cover the vegetables, add 1 cube of vegetable seasoning bring the water to a boil and then just leave them on high heat for around 10-15 mins. after that just turn down the heat and continue to cook the vegetables until they become soft, then just put the cooked veg into a blender and give it a quick flash until it is of the right consistency, it is then ready to serve, just add some fresh herbs and and a bit of fresh salad, what ever you preference.

The good news though is that you can eat as much fat burning soup as you want. However try to limit your meals to 4 times a day.

The duration of vegetable fat burning soup diet is 7 days. It is possible to loose up to 14 pounds!

Vegetable Fat Burning Soup Diet Plan

DAY 1: Soup and fresh fruits. Eat as much soup and fruits as you like. Avoid bananas and grapes.

DAY 2: Soup and green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, asparagus, green beans, etc.). Avoid corn, green peas and beans. Eat one baked potato with a little bit of olive oil for dinner.

DAY 3: Soup, fruits and vegetables.

DAY 4: Soup, chicken or beef (preferably steamed or boiled) and tomatoes

DAY 5: Soup, fruits and vegetables, including bananas and yogurt.

DAY 6: Soup, chicken or beef and vegetables (preferable green leafy).

DAY 7: Soup, wild rice with vegetables and fruit juice. Note: If you start loosing weight too fast, just stop the diet and gradually go back to your usual eating habits.

This question gets asked alot – What Foods Should I Avoid

The Vegetable Fat Burning Soup diet is a fairly strict diet and while you are rewarded with great results, there are some foods/drinks that you should totally avoid at all costs, those are: Bread, Soda, Sugar, Alcohol, and generally any fatty foods.

I hope you enjoy to lose weight with you new fat burning soup diet.

Why Fat Burning Diets Are Important

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